Monday, 10 September 2012

Needs vs Prospects

Unlike the previous needs/prospects post, this is designed to pair good teams with players that could make them better, rather than bad teams filling gaping holes in their roster.

New York Giants, Barrett Jones, C/G/T, Alabama

Senior, 6-5/302

Barrett Jones has been moved around the line in Alabama as a moving piece, to allow them to get their four most talented other linemen onto the same field as him. Not many players can move from being an elite blindside protector to being a mauling centre without skipping a beat. Barrett Jones might be the only one. The Giants have been big fans of building a patchwork offensive line and letting Eli take the punishment. As he gets older, this becomes a riskier proposition. Eli's a tough cookie, but they can't afford for him to get a hereditary neck injury. A versatile lineman like Jones will allow them to kick their worst lineman off the team (a hard fought contest, being won by David Diehl at the moment) regardless of which position he plays. A solid run blocker like Jones will also help them get production from 2012 1st round pick David Wilson.

Kansas City Chiefs, Logan Thomas, QB, Virgina Tech

Junior, 6-6/260

The Chiefs are stacked, and their roster is arguably the best overall in the NFL. Pat yourself on the back Scott Pioli, but don't get your hopes of a ring up too far, because you'll need a lot of  luck to do that with Matt Cassel at Quarterback. The Chiefs have to upgrade on Cassel's inconsistency and physical limitations if they're going to compete. Jamaal Charles is unreal, but even he would benefit from a Quarterback who could work play action and stretch the field to Bowe and Baldwin. Will Logan Thomas be an instant upgrade over Cassel? No, he'll be a rookie. However, he's the most physically talented Quarterback in the class, and the Chiefs will never be better set up to develop a raw Quarterback from scratch than they are now. They're loaded with talented linemen, runners and pass catchers to help him adjust. Then, if they can get Thomas to his potential, they'll be locked in as a play-off team for a decade, no matter who they put around him.

Green Bay Packers, TJ McDonald, S, USC

Senior, 6-3, 265

You know who the Packers really miss? Nick Collins. And pretty soon they'll miss Charles Woodson even more. They badly need an enforcer at safety, but also a guy who can grow into the role of field general back there. Dom Capers' aggressive scheme leaves guys on islands, which in turn led to a bunch of busted coverages. McDonald has great range and instincts, and ensuring solidity at safety in the long term will help corners like Williams and Shields perform at their best.

Chicago Bears, CJ Mosley,  LB, Alabama

Junior, 6-2/232

I'm not sure there's a player in college football I like more than CJ Mosley. He's a violent, instinctive linebacker who will do everything that's asked of him. He can cover, he can blitz, and he can really hit a guy. I wouldn't be surprised if he returns to the Crimson Tide for his senior season, but who knows, he might be allured if he's told that he's well placed to be a top 10 pick. The Bears have been putting off finding good young linebackers for a while, but 2013 should be the year that they finally bite the bullet on looking for a future beyond Briggs and Urlacher. If Mosley joins the Bears, it'll re-affirm their commitment to an elite defense after a season where Cutler, Forte and Marshall are more likely to have made the headlines.

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