Sunday, 16 September 2012

Two College Games, Lots of Quick Hits

Things I thought watching Missouri vs Georgia and Texas A&M vs Florida

1. Aaron Murray is legit, but he shouldn't declare early. Has great, and I mean great, touch on his passes, but should remain in college to build up a body of work capable of overcoming concerns about his athletic limitations. This gives him the best chance to go in the top 10.

2. The last three Missouri starters are now players in the NFL, the only SEC team to whom this stat applies. James Franklin will become the fourth- someone will find a way to use him. Fast, physical runner.

3. Brad Madison looked fantastic against Georgia. Beat the right tackle twice for sacks, once on a spin move and once just steaming round the edge. Looked very  much like McClellin looked in that game against Green Bay.

4. I still really don't buy Jarvis Jones. Someone will reach for him because you can't teach first step that good, but I'm not sure I saw him get off one block against Missouri. Made some big plays getting round the edge before the tackle was off the line, but he was pretty much out of the play as soon as the guy got hands on him. Jones is not showcasing any additional moves or any aggression with his hands. His strength at the point of attack also leaves a lot to be desired, he got badly steamrolled on some running plays. Will be a situational rusher only in first season in NFL unless he develops a long way in a short time, or returns for his Senior season.

5. Marlon Brown has had an underwhelming college career, but if he continues to play like he did against Mizzou, he can be a mid round pick.

6. I loved watching Todd Gurley run. NFL type talent and skill set, but we have to hope that Georgia don't run him into the ground in his remaining years there.

7.  He may become a controversial NFL prospect many years in the future, but for now I'm content to watch Johnny Manziel as a college player. This guy can really play. Tim Tebow type potential as a dual threat in the college game. He also had 150 combined TDs playing High School in Texas, which is unreal.

8. I didn't notice a lot of players I loved for the Gators. Lerentee McCray made some nice plays, but also had a really dumb penalty. Jon Bostic is a sure fire choice for a team that needs a LB to produce tackles in the mid rounds.

9. The exception to this was tight end Jordan Reed. Still has a ways to go, but looks great with the ball in his hands, and I love the chances of a TE who can generate YAC.

10. Damontre Moore is a beast. He'll be able to play DE or OLB at the next level. Great explosion, closing speed and motor, but I loved that he looked as comfortable pusing around guards as going around tackles.

11. Luke Joeckel is a great tackle prospect, but I'm arguably more intrigued by Jake Matthews. It's rare that a potential first round talent is forced to the right side, and a team who already has their left tackle should jump at the chance to bookend their franchise player. Right tackle is a glaring need for loads of teams every year, and the Rams and Giants especially should be watching a ton of A&M tape.

12. Mike Evans, number 13, is going to be a high pick, mark my words. He's so young, but he'll grow with Manziel which will only inflate his production. But he's physically up to it, tenacious, good hands, and I love a wide receiver who can block.

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